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Mantaray is a custom made diving wetsuit manufacturer, located in Athens, Greece, producing high quality products for all free-diving activities.  Well known for its services and products, Mantaray is fit to equip even the most demanding diver.  


The use of the Japanese high performance Yamamoto materials, remain a hallmark of the company.  Together with the stunning attention to detail, finish and “sur mesure’’ fitting, it has established the brand as one of the leading manufacturers of the industry worldwide.


Mantaray is proud to manufacture all of its products in-house, allowing a very high level of quality control, following the hand made production process personally on a daily basis.




Yamamoto's entire catalog consists of over 100 exclusive hues, fabrics and color variations in thickness from 1.5 up to 10mm. Together with Mantaray's custom painting and optional customised material combinations, you are able to build your own unique wetsuit.

Yamamoto Lycra 4000 samples:

Yamamoto Lycra Camo samples:

Yamamoto Smooth Skin SCS samples:

Mantaray has developed a special technique of applying colors on the surface of the smooth skin materials. The result is an infinite span of custom camo alternates:



Mantaray wetsuits are made of the finest quality neoprene available internationally, in order to reflect our high standards for maximum comfort, second skin fit, unmatched flexibility, extreme durability and perfect insulation against cold water temperatures.



No other neoprene manufacturer is able to fulfil such high standards than Yamamoto, Japanese market leader in neoprene manufacturing. Yamamoto Corporation's commitment to developing innovative, high performance and pioneering technologies on rubber-based materials, makes her as the best choice for applications in professional sports, health and wellness, aerospace and apparel as well as a plethora of other fields.

Yamamoto is also a keen advocate of the environmental protection, using only eco friendly materials, made of the natural component Calcium carbonate (CaCo3), in a concentration of 99.7%.


All types of neoprene (closed-cell - open cell, closed-cell - lined, lined - open cell, double lined) are available from 1.5 to 10mm thickness.  All closed-cell wetsuits are specially processed with the unique ultra-low resistance hydro-repellent coating (SCS) in many different colors. The available types are:

YAMAMOTO 39: Yamamoto’s value for money neoprene, durable and flexible, with excellent buoyancy and good cell memory.

YAMAMOTO 40: Very soft and warm neoprene, ideal for the ambush technique in shallow waters and mid depths.

YAMAMOTO 45 PRO: Extremely flexible neoprene for unprecedented range of movement, enhanced comfort and superior heat retention. Ideal for mid to deep water spearfishing and freediving. Good cell memory and excellent buoyancy.

YAMAMOTO 50 PRO-X: A new kind of neoprene, introduced to Greece exclusively by Mantaray. A technical neoprene, formed by Yamamoto for deep spearfishing and freediving. Extremely dense, with excellent buoyancy and great cell memory.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 13.13.32-2.jpg

S.C.S. Super Composite Skin is a hydrodynamic coating for the surface of "Smooth Skin", that reduces drag, allowing the suit to glide through water more efficiently. By applying micellar structure processing with both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, it coats the surface with water molecules when the surface is wet. This results in reduction in the abrasion resistance when donning and doffing the wetsuit, and alleviates water resistance. Less friction. Less drag. Due to its ultra low surface friction 0.032 (in comparison to 4.0 of regular neoprene), SCS coating improves also durability and strength.




Mantaray considers each individual customer's specific needs, so that to determine what suit to recommend. Combination of materials, neoprene thickness and overall details, are necessary elements to be decided prior to customising each unique suit for each diver. In addition the after-sales service has always been and remains a priority for Mantaray, thus creating a very personalised buyer experience.

Untitled Catalog0067.jpg
Special painting technique


Innovative and cutting edge techniques, offering a great variety of colors, hues and specific design printing to all smoothskin wetsuits with hydro-repellent coating (SCS - Super Composite Skin). 

Seaming process


Technically advanced, hand-made seaming process for maximum durability and quality.

Adjustable jacket closure


Velcro closure at the lower part of the jacket for personalised adjustment.



Mantaray is proud to be the inventor of Urine Free-Diving System (U.F.D.S.), a radical but simple way for men to urinate out of the wetsuit.

High quality velcro


High quality long-lasting sailing velcro. 

Flexible chest pad


Non-sliping, flexible chest pad, for loading the speargun.

Neoprene Reinforcement


Neoprene reinforcement at the borders of the wetsuits (wrists, ankles, hood) for additional protection.

Mantaray produces high quality neoprene accessories. We place great emphasis in craftsmanship throughout all stages of production. From the close-fitting cut to the final finishing, every single detail of the elaborate handmade process is attended to.

Neoprene socks


Comfortable and stretchy socks in various thicknesses.



Made to measure, ultra flexible vests in 2 or 3mm thicknesses. 

Neoprene liquid out valve


The classic, "old school" way to urinate in the water. Easily assembled on any wetsuit.



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